This page includes information about windsurfing and pictures taken in the Columbia River Gorge.You will find maps and a current copy of the Gorge FAQ. Look around and have fun.

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Windsurfing History

Newman and Naomi Darby are the true inventors of the sport of windsurfing. American Windsurfer has now published two articles about them but there is very little information available on the Internet. Wilton has been working with Newman to fix this problem. Newman has many pictures and video footage that was taken while he was working out his ideas. You can now see for yourself some of the early equipment that was created in the process of designing what we have today. This includes 23 seconds of video which was taken in July 1965.

The Darby Electronic Museum

Windsurfing Information

Seven Pictures from the Zodiac in a 5 second loop.

The Gorge FAQ is a listing of the information often needed when planning a trip to the Columbia River Gorge. It is updated every year and has been posted in rec.windsurfing. The Copus FAQ is a listing of information gathered from several windsurfing trips to the Corpus area. This has not been updated for several years. The latest addtion is a trip to Costa Rica and the Oregon Coast. .

Windsurfing pointers